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Jiaxing Korui Biotech CO.,LTD.
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Jiaxing Korui Biotech Co. Ltd was founded in 2008, aiming to produce and spread out the use of low-molecular-weight (LMW) chitosan as an alternative of antibiotics in animal feed additive, as well as some chitosan derivatives. The key technology is very unique and transferred from national invention patent of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. The product process is clean and all the excellent inherent properties of chitosan can be retained. Korui Biotech also produces a variety of chiotsan with different molecular weights as well as chitosan derivatives.

LC Supplementation Increases t
The application of LMW chitosa
Effect of chitosan oligosaccha
Chitosan-based food packaging
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Ultrafine Chitosan Pow
Ruikang No.3
low molecular weight c
Chitosan ultra-fine po
Highly concentrated na
Chitosan quaternary am
Ruikang No.2
Ruikang No.1
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