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The application of LMW chitosan
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Jiaxing Korui is committed to the new green additive - chitosan oligosaccharide of R & D, production and marketing of high-tech enterprises, the main products for oligomeric chitosan and its derivatives, chitosan oligosaccharide with its significant effect safe, reliable, technologically advanced quickly in the major farm and dairy.

In 2007 national invention patent certificate. In March 2010 the Ministry of Agriculture feed additives production license, in November 2010 to obtain approval number.

Swiss chitosan oligosaccharide antibiotic to give in Shanghai Yinan dairy and dairy Shanghai Fengjing use fully reflected, in particular, reflected in the reduced number of somatic cells obtained significant results, and the invisible cows udder inflammation has a very good control, but also the overall health of dairy cattle has played a good role in health care. Some dairy products have been recognized, in particular thanks to the support of our company recalled the product development of Shanghai and Shanghai Fengjing South dairy farm dairy farm. Also thanked the support tube station and Shanghai Jinshan milk dairy industry associations.

        Our company in the customer first, quality first principle, the company will continue efforts to innovation, better, safer products to market, for the production of safe, high quality milk to contribute. I had joined (Shanghai Dairy Industry Association) to become one of the member units, dairy welcome colleagues to inquire and guidance!
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